Saturday, May 12, 2007

Can We Save Pelf From Himself?

OK, so I didn't listen past the 5th inning of this game today, so I really didn't get to see or hear anything about the BP imploding.

But does anyone have any doubt that this is the end of the road for Pelf? I mean, when Duque gets back?

Now, the short story is - he didn't do THAT bad. He pitched a decent five innings, and I think what killed his stats was that unusual run-down play in the top of the 4th. Where you know two runs scored on what appeared to be a short fly-out between RF and 2B? Yeah that. The Mets also answered back with 3 runs the next inning. Not too shabby. It was very winnable...until the 8th.

The long story is -- and I really do hate to sound like a Mets alarmist (OK, maybe I don't) -- I think it's obvious that Pelf is simply ordinary and pitching over his head right now. Glavine, Soul Glo, everyone in the dugout has had "the" talk with him about taking a few MPH off his pitches to mind-F the batters, THEN come in with your heat. Another thing is that he seems to be pitching against the top tier pitchers of other teams. Yes, I know, Brandon Webb and Jorge Sosa last week looked a bit overmatched (meaning, Webb should have kicked Sosa's butt out of the park, pitching wise), but we managed to get our crap together for that. Pelfrey faces BEN FREAKING SHEETS, a dude who is tough to hit anyway. Add that in with the Brew Crew's stellar offense and wham-o. Pelf is back in the terlet again.

And another thing - why can't the METS ever have an inning like the Brewers did today? Save Opening Day this year, it seems like we are always at the other end of a rally like that.

So what to do now? Personally, I punch Pelfrey's ticket back to NOLA, and have Sosa be the 5th man once Duque gets back. Let's work on his mechanics in the minors.

Lord knows we can't afford to lose these many games at the back of that rotation, not with the division being so close and this being so early in the year.

And I'm wondering if Jose Reyes shaving his head has anything to do with the loss...the Crew Cut look was working well for us.

So tomorrow is Mothers Day. To all you mothers out there, happy birthday.



Mike said...

Pelfrey doesn't belong in the majors. Maybe he will later on, maybe not.

But he's OVERMATCHED at this point. he has more walks than strikeouts through mid-May! He's just not what we need.

Phree Phil!

Itsmetsforme said...

the kiner reference, the mark of a great blogger.

Mike said...

Good call, itsmets. I can't believe I missed it. Damn, I'm ashamed.