Thursday, April 19, 2007

S.U.C.K. M.E.*, Beautiful

*S.U.C.K. M.E. = Shaky Unknown Chuckers Kill Mets Everytime
- Courtesy of one Toasty Joe

So who here after a.) Reyes struck out to begin the game, 2.) Duque quickly gave up two runs and subsequently the lead in the bottom and of the 1st and D.) a lackluster 2nd inning, didn't think this would be a repeat of last year?

You know what I mean by "repeat of last year." The Paul Maholms and the rookie pitchers on the Nats (forget his name) making their debut, facing the strongest line up in the NL, only to have the Mets make him look like the Cy Young reincarnate.

Oh, yeah, THAT.

So I totally thought that the Frying Dutchman had our number early on in the game. Needless to say, I am glad to put the SUCK ME theory to rest, for tonight at least. Although, it's still fuckin funny.

Few things I would like to say though:

1.) Jose Reyes makes my nipples hard. Sorry, Mike, you might have some competition for your "second wife." My freebie may just have to be Jose, and no longer Dale Earnhardt Jr.

2.) As much as I *heart* Paul LoDuca and his spirit, I gotta say - I love to watch Ramon Castro mash. Best back-up catcher in the league, hands down.

3.) I was very very very happy to see Carlos Delgado MASH tonight. Oh yeah and Shawn Green too.

4.) Carlos Fucking Beltran. Nuff said. Hey Toasty - any new mole facts from Miami?

5.) I am AMAZED by the amount of Mets fans down there in Miami. Hey, Johnny! Was that you I heard yelling when Duque looked good?!?

6.) Old Man Duque kicked ass tonight, by the way. 10 Ks!?!? Madon'.

7.) Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez are hands-down the best play-by-play announcers anywhere. Find me two others who can just play off each other all night. Keith is such a pimp. I love him.

8.) OK, so I may bash Willie from time to time, for being such a Wonker. Especially the handling of the BP (and WTF what was he doing, putting Billy Wagner in a non-save situation in the 9th??? Idiot).

But -- I feel kinda bad for Fredi Gonzalez. I mean, he has no BP and he mismanages it.

9.) YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH...Jose Valentin hits his 1st HR of the season. Someone's getting lucky at the GR tonight.

In other baseball news -
OK, so A-Rod hits like his 10th HR of this thus far short season and today was quite dramatic because it was yet *another* walk off for him.

But to say this absolves him of all other Yankee hatred and not coming through in the playoffs? Come onnnnnn...Toasty Joe, Mike and I are the few of the many who believe that the second he starts slumping, the booo-birds will come out of hibernation.

I do have to admit something -- I like A-Rod. I just think its funny how the NYY fans are so fickle about him. Love him or hate him. Outright. But don't just love him when he's *good*

PS To my cousin Big Cat (and btw, he is not related to my other cousin, also named after a domestic animal), I know you are one of the few who will root for him, good or bad. So you are exempt. :D
In sports-related non-baseball news -- the Rangers have made it past the second round in the NHL playoffs. Dare I say...1994? (Sorry Mr. E, don't want to jinx em)

Actually, Mr. Coop and I were joking, because of the seeming lack of interest in the hockey playoffs, that even if the NYRs were to make it to the finals, we could probably walk up to the ticket booths at MSG and be like -- excuse me, sir, two tickets to the finals, please.

Sky box, or center ice?

Center ice, please!
So with a Braves loss tonight, and a Mets win...the Mets are coming back home in first place. Let's keep it that way.

Keith and Gary also made a comment that the ONLY team the Mets have NOT dominated this young season are the Braves.

Well let's take care of that this weekend.

And let's give em a heroes welcome for the road trip.

Go Mets.

(And Mr. Coop and I will be there Friday & Saturday.)


MG said...

TBF and i are there tomorrow night. hopefully, i will not be wrapped in polar fleece like a burrito, and will have some mobility.

BookieD said...

It's late, and I'm blanking and a little drunk from a steak dinner. From which movie is the famous line "Suck me beautiful!"? Come on, it's on the tip of my tounge....American Pie???

Can't kill Willie for using Wagner. With all the blowouts and rain days, Billy has to get some work in at some point.

I actually like A-Rod as well. All he's ever done to the Mets and Red Sox is be eager to play for them (and, in the case of the Sox, for less money). The fact that idiot Yankee fans don't appreciate him, makes it all the better. I truly believe A-Rod will eclipse whatever HR record Bonds establishes and when A-Rod is the "clean" HR champion, the people will "take a qualude and love him in the mornin".

*62 said...

You heard me that far away?!?! Y'all have some good-ass hearing !!

Remember, they're not "boo"ing ..... they're shouting "Cooooooop"!!

Mike said...

Jose Reyes makes my nipples hard.

Whoa. Be careful, Coop, a sentence like that almost makes me hard.

Although with the Mets scoring about 10 runs a night, and the Rangers sweeping in the first round, there's plenty of hardness to go around.

Coop said...

Yeah, Mike, I feel like my boss. Except he gets horny for orchestrating a billion dollar deal. WHOO!

mr. met said...

I feel slightly uncomfortable right now.

Back to baseball, I don't fault Willie for using Mr. Billy Wags. The man has to do some work and there were up enough he could melt down and they could still win.

Hockey? Basketball? C'mon let us not be silly. Those sports are completely inconsequential. There do not deserve an second of virtual ink and any Mets site.

The Rangers actually sell out...the Devils on the other hand, you could do that. The Nets for that matter too.

I will say, Pelf vs. Hudson is a interesting match-up. Hudson has been sparkling so Pelfrey has his work cut out for him. I hope he just pounds the zone with his sinker since these guys just flat out hack.

Itsmetsforme said...

Dale Earnhardt Jr.?!!
I thought i knew ye.

I hope you will consider helping me fix the 2007 all star game. This time, it's personal.

the line "Suck me beautiful!" was of course featured in the immortal "Pirates of the Cunnilingus 3:On yer knees, Mate." (My spelling should in no way be taken to reflect my prowess)

mr. met said...

My freebie is Mr. Met...and I'm not talking about myself. I'm talking about the one with a head for a baseball.

I don't usually swing that way (not that there is anything wrong with that), but I'll make and exception in this case and grin and bear it.

BookieD said...

My cousin tried to have Mr. Met at his wedding. It was something like $800 for an hour, which seems totally worth it to me--especailly if you're going to cash in on your freebie right at your own wedding. I don't know why he didn't go through with it (the booking of Mr. Met, not the freebie).

mr. met said...

Bookied, you are brilliant. Though, I don't know if intrusion from behind is covered in that $800, but money talks and dignity walks.

But really, that is bargain.

George said...

Look, folks, you can love the Mets, but don't love the Mets.

This comment thread has become NSFW.

mr. met said...

It's a free country and I love whomever (or whatever for that fact) I want.

George said...

OK, Mr. Met, just be sure to clean up afterwards. And remember, baseball is a game for the entire family.

I don't mean like that.

mr. met said...


Just as a side not though, I think we need to broaden our horizons for family entertainment.