Saturday, April 07, 2007

So, we can't go 162-0

Today was one of those blah days as far as baseball goes. I mean, as far as I am concerned, ANY day baseball is better than none at all. But today was one of those rare "gems" where a.) the Mets lost and b.) the Yankees won. Usually, if one of two of those things were to happen (choice B), I would be able to deal better with the way A. turned out.

But today was one of those Fox Game of the Week "Future Hall of Fame" games, with Glavine vs. Smoltz. A few bad breaks here and there and the Mets lost. But it's OK, since Tommy won last week, and we blasted them last night. I just kind of liked the idea of back-to-back sweeps.

On the other hand, A-Rod surprises all and moves one month up from being "Mr. March" to "Mr. April." Glad to see that private jet, paid entourage, personal shrink and $25 mm per year is put to good use.

As for me, it was a good day. I was able to shop in the morning, then meet up with Mr. Met for some beers. Bud, it was good to meet you finally. Hope you enjoyed your sliders!

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Sassdawg. said...

Was one of said bad breaks having to listen to Tim McBlowsjeter for 9 innings. I pointed out to Ms. Sassdawg during the game that at some point it was guaranteed that he would make a reference to Mr I cry in October or to Mrs Rodriguez and lo and behold sure enough he did. Something to the effect that one of the Mets hits was a very A-Rod like hit. Douche. I hope he chokes on a blumpkin.

Sassdawg. said...

It has yet to be confirmed but it sounds like Ms Sassdawg. is going to be calling out feeling "good" to come to opening day with all of us lunatics. Should be fun!!!

Mike said...

Come on, folks. Why the hating on A-Rod. Save it for Jeet-uh or the gang of sycophants who line up to fellate him (that'd be you Timmy. And Mr. Kaye And Mr. Sterling).

As to A-Rod, how can we hate someone that Yankee fams hate?

Tough loss last night; bad break on the final out too. But with Green & Delgado having the dropsies, hard to give a good line up that many extra outs.

Hopefully Willie gives LoD & Alou the day off today. He can't overwork them.

mr. met said...

Good to meet you as well. Hopefully Mr. The Coop won't have to work next time.