Monday, April 30, 2007

So Now That April's Over...Is It *Still* Too Early To Be Concerned?

All I can say is...bottom of the 7th, men on first and second, no outs. The Marlins go in for a pitching change...let's just say their bullpen has been a tad overworked this year, not to mention, it's not exactly their strong point. David Wright strikes out, then Alou GIDPs.

I try to justify it. I really do.

#We can't win every game.#

#You know, even the sucky teams have to win sometimes.#

#We batlled.# (sounds too much like Grandpa Art though. Ugh)

#Even a broken clock is right twice a day.# (OK, that I don't understand, but whatever)

And yes, throwing Chan "I Wanna be a" Ho Park out on the mound is probably as much of a Just Forfeit moment as putting Scott Schoeneweis in during a close game. But I was having faith. Till the defense just shit on the shower floor like Vito Jr on Sopranos. Is it me -- or does Jose Valentin make that play Sl-Easley missed, thus never enduring the massacre that inning? Though Park can't be completely off the hook for the walking the bases loaded practically (1 hit, then 2 walks). 5 runs out that mess? COME ON. There were two outs. Then later two more HRs. UGH. Coulda shoulda woulda.

So when I say -- is it too early to be concerned...I'm still concerned about Sugar Pants. I keep saying he'll come around, but I'm wondering if the Carlos Delgado mental health treatment will do him better.

If I'm Willie, I seriously consider that.

I also have concerns over the lack of timely hitting. You have to be fucking kidding me.

So coulda shoulda woulda - coulda shoulda woulda won this game. Coulda shoulda woulda started Aaron Sele over Park. Coulda shoulda woulda just forfeited. It coulda shoulda woulda saved me some headaches.

BTW, "Just forfeit" came from a disgruntled fan in Baltimore about 10 years ago. Jesse Orosco was a relief pitcher and the game we were at went into extras. So they bring Orosco out. The guy behind me yells, "Just forfeit! Just forfeit the game!"

So my just forfeits are nods to this guy. Whoever the hell he was.

Just so you guys know - I'll be on vacation this week and not posting this weekend. I'm trying to get a surprise fill-in for The Coop, so be on the lookout!!


Toasty Joe said...

"Chan "I Wanna be a" Ho Park." That's GOLD, Jerry, GOLD!

Ooh! A surprise fill-in! Let me guess: SassDawg?

Coop said...

I will not reveal my sources - but I might get a Spanish lesson from Jose Reyes on here. I Keed! I Keed!

No, hopefully, Sassdawg will be able to fill us in with his lively sense of humor and poop jokes. We should be so lucky.

Ed in Westchester said...

yin here :)

It would be wise perhaps for Sugar Pants to sit one out. It might not help, but it might.
The problem is with Stache out, the bench is thin. Newhan would have to play third. Not a good glove there.
Methinks they are going to have to wait this out. Hopefully, last night was rock bottom. Maybe the witch will turn on. Maybe he can get a bleeder, one dying quail.
I'm thinking if I use enough cliches, he will break out. DW likes his cliches.

Shari said...

Hey Coop- Thought I'd explain the broken clock expression since it was handed down to me from my very nasty grandmother who gave me my talent for nick names just like Sawyer on Lost........

Simply put it means even losers have to win one goes 0-162, but I think you already what it meant.

Itsmetsforme said...

And like Damion Easley, a broken digital clock is never right. It just shows flashes.

Mike said...

HR! Double!

Ground ball to SS in the 9th inning!

David. Wright. Is. Back.

(Least that's how I'm viewing it.)

Toasty Joe said...

Coop, you never responded to my comment about Wall St. Boo hoo.

Coop said...

Dude. didn't I? I thought I had written that I was about to say "Toasty?" But then I realized if it wasn't you...I'd probably get a look like I had three heads.

Toasty Joe said...

I was just curious if you confirmed that it was in fact around 3 pm, which is when I was over there. Yeah, that woulda been funny.

Coop said...

It was around 3 pm. I knew it was you!

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