Friday, April 06, 2007

Senor Sabor

Or "Mr Flavor" for those of you who do not speak Spanish.

In any case, this is my new nickname for Oliver Perez aka Oh Pea.

I know it was the first game and all, so I don't want to say he was "balls on" or "balls deep" as a certain blogger would say (Hi Mike!).

But - oh hell, he was balls on. BALLS ON BABY!!

I'm pretty sure Oh Pea could have pitched the entire game, but I give props to Willie for taking him out when he did. I mean, it's still early in the season, it was obviously freezing there, and by that point, it was a freaking bloodbath. No sense in killing him today. Meanwhile, when Ambi was out there pitching, and Cohen kept referring to him as "Burgos," I said to Mr. Coop - "Why doesn't he call him AmBurglar?" Hee hee. This blogging community is running my life.

Anyway, here is Ollie's line for the night:

7.0 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 6K, 1 HR, ERA 1.29

Look at that little goose egg for the bases on balls. BALLS ON my friends, balls on.

What I think is noteworthy is that during the post-game, Sheepshead Bay Lee talks about Smoltz vs Glavine line up tomorrow, and says one is a strike out pitcher (Smoltz) and the other a ground ball / finesse type guy (guess who).

Amazingly enough, Oh Pea is neither of those categories. He's a strike out pitcher who GETS ground ball outs too. AMAZING!!

OK I may be getting a little ahead of myself here - take a breather there Coop! - but...I just have good vibes about Senor Sabor. I think I might make the shirts.

So in the bloodbath in Atlanta, everyone joined in on the fun. I told Mr. Coop that Delgado would make them "pay" for intentionally walking Beltran to get him to ground out. Nice. Good to see him get his swing back. Of course, I was a little upset that's he not mashworthy Carlos, but I remember he didn't get off to a smoking start last year, so I'm all good with him.

On the offense side, the big story is Jose-Jose-Jose! Madon', that bastard is faster than Walt Flanagan's dog. Two triples? He's my other Senor Sabor.
The irony is, I go to ESPN to see the write up on the game, and there is a special piece on how the Braves have "faith" in their bullpen. Actually, weren't they still in the game when they brought in the BP? Didn't matter though, cause my man was BALLS ON!
So did anyone notice that during the telecast, the Phil Niekro picture looked like Klinger from M*A*S*H? After Yates got nailed with the hit, they were playing the M*A*S*H theme in the background. Needless to say, that got a good laugh in my house.
Tomorrow is Glavine vs. Smoltz, 3:55 pm. Not sure if SNY is showing the game. Anyway, I see that Igawa is starting for the Yank-these tomorrow, therefore not giving us the train wreck I so desperately wanted to see, with the Traxx vs. Pavano.
One more thing - help a gal out! I believe that Oh Pea's first home game is Wednesday. Yet Mr. Coop promised a die-hard Phils fan that he would go to the game with him. If you or anyone you know has an extra ticket for Wednesday's game, I will buy the beer, I just gotta see Oh Pea. Thanks.


George said...

That was vintage 2004 Oliver Perez tonight. Here's hoping he can keep it up--that curve he dropped on the outside corner at the knees to finish off Renteria in the 7th was very sweet.

Thanks for the link, Coop! Go see a show at Maxwell's for me!

Sassdawg. said...

I watched all nine innings of that freakin bloodbath, and I've got to say, that the Braves really looked like a team who is improved enough to win the NL East....if this were opposite land...hahaha

Sassdawg. said...

oh and I might add that gary also had a real nice shot at the phillies, I believe that the comment was that the team to beat, has been beaten, of course I think that they're going to get beaten like a mule next week at Shea.

Mike said...

Holy crapstains, Batman, that was a beatdown last night.

Oliver! looked very good. NO WALKS. None. After the 4th inning, when Franceour took him deep (on a 2-0 fastball) and he had a few hard-hit balls, I'll admit I was a bit worried. But he really settled down after that.

And as for the hitters, and my future second wife Jose Reyes, what can you say? Just fanstastic.

A streak lie this can't last forever, but I'm enjoying the fuck out of it in the meantime.


mr. met said...

Senor Sabor? I love it.

Ollie was sick and what I briefly saw of his slider, it was naaaasty. Kazmir good. Johnson of three years ago good. No walks? Six K's? Extremely encouraging signs...

I love that guy.

Oh, I'll be heading up to Black Bear to take in the game at 4:00...if you and Mr. Coop and/or whoever else is out, you should head in for some beers. Should be an awesome game.

Coop said...

Black bear? It's on, I live about 5 blocks from there.

MG said...

dude, upper deck for $5 on wednesday. tbf is going, i can't decide if i'm up for it yet (read: i'm a baby and hate cold, and i'm going on monday and friday)

tbf won't admit it but i can tell that OP is going to be his new non-sexual man crush, now that duaner has let us down so badly.

Coop said...

MG, I read that too. I might do that. But I need company. So go! Plus, I can probably finagle Diamond Club passes from Mr Coop, so we can stay warm from a little while.

Sassdawg. said...

is it a day or night game

Coop said...

Dawg, a night game

Sassdawg. said...

hmm, I might be game on that, I'll let you know.