Monday, April 09, 2007

Robble, Robble!!

This title is in honor of Mr. Coop’s -- whoops, my bad, Sass Dawg's -- very “clever” rally cry for Ambiorix Burgos or more aptly the “AmBurglar.” And btw, Mike, weren’t the “fry guys” blue and orange?

Anyway, as you all know, the Mets won the Shea home opener, the second to last home opener at the grand dame. Oh hell, who am I kidding, the purple toilet bowl. But in true Mets fashion, it was not without incident.

But first let me discuss the crowd mood. First, when the Phillies were introduced, even the trainer was booed relentlessly. Even worse, whenever they would announce a name like “equipment manager for the Phillies, Joe Schmoe,” the crowd would yell “SUCK!” after each name was read. It didn’t matter if it was Charlie Manuel or Joe Schmoe, all Phils were equally hated. Metstradamus would be proud.

But most interestingly would be a.) how the Mets would react to Cole “Hamel-toe” (courtesy of SassDawg) and b.) how Jimmy Rollins would perform.

Well, all I can say is thank goodness for some breaks in simple fielding errors and the travesty that is the Phils bullpen. Because if not for that, the whole lay out of the game was reminiscent of a Mets game in 2006 – with what used to be the Mets on the winning end, now the Phils.

Some points to note:

~ Someone (I believe Bookie D) related that on Saturday, he questioned Willie’s decision to leave Glavine in. Yes, I know the dude is on his way to win 300, but he obviously didn’t have his best stuff on Saturday, yet he probably said he was game for it. Like I said about Oh Pea the other night, no reason to keep the dude in if he’s struggling or underlying factors like the extreme cold or the first freaking games of the season.

Well, today I felt that way with John Maine. When it came time for his turn in the line up, after he kept getting behind in the count, backing himself into several corners but working himself out, Willie didn't have a pinch hit -- complete with men on base and 2 outs. Like Glavine, it was obvious John Maine didn’t have his best stuff today. Although the game turned out in the Mets favor, there was no way to tell this at that point.

~ AmBurglar looked like he was on his way to having another stellar outing. Although, why do they not intentionally walk Ryan Howard at that point? I mean, OK, the dude wasn’t having his best day at the plate, but it doesn’t matter—he still scares the bejeezus out of pitchers. No shame in walking him to load the bases for the force out. Of course, he jacks a 3-run HR, and it still hasn’t landed. In any case, 20.20 hindsight, it didn’t matter anyway. Again, we didn’t know.

~ I love Joe Smith.

~ Oh yeah, Jimmy “The Team to Beat” Rollins did not back his claims up himself either. What I feel is interesting is that if a team representative talks smack (see: Larry Fine in the 1999 playoffs), that representative should at least walk the walk. Needless to say, Rollins was taunted MISERABLY after he goofed on what should have been at the very least a fielders choice and best case scenario a double-play. If you heard the game on the FAN, you probably heard our taunts. It was pretty bad.

~ And in another element of irony, Billy Wagner did not make it interesting in the 9th. Well done, sandman!

All in all, April 10, 2007, at Shea Stadium was a steal for the Mets. This was a game they could have easily lost and called it a day. A few misplays by the Phils defense, lucky breaks here and there, and a turn around day for Big Carlos Delgado, the Mets certainly showed one team was the team to beat. Robble, robble, indeed.

Coop fans, I will not be posting on Tuesday but checking in periodically for comments. Please, don't cry! I realize I've hardly had a day off since I started this little hobby. But will be back on Wednesday for my obligatory Oh Pea worship.


BlondiesJake said...

The Coop,

I hear ya on some of Willie's moves, which I almost always question, but think he's trying to figure out what he has with the AmBurglar, and if it weren't for bad location, might've struck Howard out. He had him off balance the whole at-bat, just left what was supposed to be an outside corner pitch over the plate, and great hitters like Howard kill mistakes and he did.

As for the game, could hear the chanting of "Jose, Jose-Jose-Jose" as well as sarcastic "Jimmy Rollins" role call through the tv broadcast (thank you free preview of mlb extra innings!)

Great to see Mets take advantage of Rollins' boot of the forceout (NO WAY IN HELL THEY DOUBLE-UP REYES ON THAT BALL) and the soft Phils 'pen.

Not sure why you refer to game as one they would've lost last year. I assume you mean between 2001 and 2005, because last year this team did the same sort of thing.

Sassdawg. said...

Yo Dawg, Robble Robble was all me!!!

mr. met said...

Very appropriate the Amburglar's rally call was stolen by Mr. The Coop.

I'm trying to not rip Willie. I'm trying to be reformed. But between you and Toasty, you are feeding my addiction.

Mike said...

I think one Fry Guy was blue. But the other: yellow or orange? Let's call it organge and take him into the fold.

I was fine with Willie letting the Amburglar face Howard in that spot. But I've already laid it out at Toasty's, so not gonna bother spamming two blogs with my argumentation (sorry Joe; you posted first!).

And I agree with Blondie's: NO WAY they turn two on Reyes there. And if Rollins realized & admitteed as much to himself, he'd have played that ball properly and gotten the force at second.

But he didn't! Bwahahahahahah!

Ed in Westchester said...

So Coop is joining the faculty at F.U.
I am looking forward to your column.

Mike said...

Congrats, Coop.

Coop said...

Dawg, my bad. I thought it was Mr. Coop. He remembered who the fry guys were. It's been corrected.

Coop said...

B-Jake, I didn't mean this was a game they would have lost in 06, I definitely meant they would win this in 06, but the Phils made the game looking like *they* were the mets of 06!

Coop said...

Mike, i saw your arguments on Toasty today, very well done! It's interesting to get all riled up. Personally, I think Willie is overrated. Last year, his mistakes were covered by a strong bullpen and an awesome offense. He didn't have that in 05, but he was under the guise of "he's still learning." Now, he still has the offense, but not such a great BP as last year. This will be the true test if he is mgr of the year material.

Coop said...

Hey Ed, not sure of my first assignment but it will be a good one, I'm sure!! Well done on your first lecture too!

Sassdawg. said...

Nah no worries, it was a good game though.

Ed in Westchester said...

Coop - pick something you care about deeply and write away. That's what I've done.
I don't think they give "assignments" unless they have you doing something different that me.

Go O Pea!