Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Perfect Shitstorm

I don't think anyone wants to hear me complain about the Mets loss today. I was there, but quite frankly, I'm not as much of a sour puss today as I normally am when the Mets lose. For one, I think I would be more angry if I just had my weekend plan with Mr. E (The Coop's dad) and today was my first official game of the season. Alas, I was at two great games this week, plus I like Manny Acta, and the Nationals have to win every once in a while, so why not today?

That said, I do have to say that I am truly disappointed that the Mets more than likely will not be able to participate in Jackie Robinson Day festivities tomorrow. I couldn't go the game anyway, but I won't be able to do what I had to miss the game for anyway (drive to Maryland for a wedding shower) due to the upcoming weather.

I can't say that I can really complain about the Mets missing their first game due to weather though, since the Indians had to have their home opener on the road (What?!?!?!?) and the Red Sox, Mariners and Cubs have had wind chill and snow-outs already.

Mother Nature, if you are listening -- we're sorry for the damage we've done to the earth. So could you please not let it rain or snow anymore this baseball season? Thank you - The Coop.

Some points to ponder to make us feel better about today, if you are stressing: Carl Pavano's arm is falling off two games into the season. *Snicker*

And the poor man's Dice-K still hasn't won his first official game (though he hasn't lost one yet either, it's still funny).
Touching on Jackie Robinson once again, I think it's important for all of us to take a step back and respect the man who broke the infamous color barrier in not only baseball, but professional sports and in a larger respect the country itself.

Here's a guy who had enough self-confidence, dignity and moxie to play on an all-white team, in an all-white sport, to travel to the southern states and not even be afforded the luxury of staying in the same hotel with his teammates.

Here's a man who had to be called every derogatory name and racially motivated insult just to play the game he loved.

With Jackie Robinson crossing that invisible bridge, we were able to be graced with players like Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, Bobby Gibson and Hank Aaron. Men who not only changed the faces of their teams, but the face of the game.

No one, as Branch Rickey decided, would have had the intestinal fortitude to handle the stress and the name-calling and segregated south like he would. And he did. With dignity and class.

Jackie Robinson does not belong to the Brooklyn Dodgers or even the Los Angeles Dodgers or New York baseball. He belongs to all of baseball. Hence why we've retired his number universally.

And with that, I leave you with this -- I wonder if Mariano Rivera understands the importance of the #42. Because if he did, I doubt he would still wear it. I don't care about the grandfather law. The Yankees should have made him relinquish it out of common respect.

Fucking Yankees. And their fucking sense of entitlement.

Back tomorrow with the Happy RECoop!


Mike said...

Hey, as Mr. Met instructed me, at least Scotty Scho pitched well today.

Toasty Joe said...

"Pavano to miss start" is probably the LEAST surprising headline in history.

BlondiesJake said...

Caught up today on your blogs and enjoyed some, have issue with some.

Love that you called Mr Coop a pussy. I can also say I went to way too many freezing Mets and Jets game when I was younger, and can totally respect his stance. If it was playoff time, ok, I'll suck it up. A regular season game in April? Call me whatever name you want, I'll take the warm glow of my TV.

Surely nobody would accuse me of liking the yankees, but not sure why you're taking Rivera to task... if he knows and is honoring Jackie, why is that wrong? If he didn't know before, he surely does now, is a respectable guy who has exhibited class and greatness for years, and so has certainly upheld the ideals of Jackie, so why is that wrong? I think your hatred of the boys from the Bronx has fogged your cranium. :<)

As for hitting, it's been in spurts, just like last season. Hopefully it comes in bunches during the playoffs, but for now, I can't say I'm worried, though agree it was a mistake not to upgrade at 2b, when there were lots of options.

Coop said...

Hey BJake - miss you guys over at BMF! I've been so busy, I can't even really respond these days.

OK it's not anything against Mariano per se -- this is the thing. I have a lot of respect for Mariano Rivera and the way he's played the game. I have no issue with that, Yankee or not. I even had a ton of respect (and have gone on record saying so) for Bernie Williams.

My issue is this with him wearing #42 -- it's one thing if he did it for Jackie Robinson. Since the dude came from Nicaragua, I doubt Jackie Robinson is part of the lexicon there (more like Roberto Clemente, who i also have a ton of respect for). I also do not think he is totally "ingrained" for lack of a better term with American culture, where Jackie Robinson *is* part of the lexicon.

The Yankees had gone on record after Jackie Robinson hit the bigs by saying they couldn't have "those people" (I'm using a watered down word) play for their crowd from Westchester. Look it up, it's quite sickening. I know that mentality has nothing to do with Steinbrenner's regime or the current management, but it was once the culture there.

I thought it was cool that Mo Vaughn went on record to say he wore it for Jackie. Plus, it was a slap in the face for the old school Red Sox regime who were the last team in the bigs to let a non-white play on their team. But I think once it was a grandfathered, they should have worn it for a time, then relinquished it. That's just my point of view.

As for Mariano, here's another problem I have with it. The Yankees are the only team in the MLB without the #42 "retired" in their outfield. Why is that? Didn't the Cardinals have to do something tasteful like that with someone who previously retired (maybe it was the Braves, I really don't remember)?

It's really not a dig against Mariano per se, just that I don't think he truly understands the Jackie Robinson importance. I hope this doesn't come off as too harsh.

As for the hitting - I have an announcement to make - I will be writing a piece on Rick Down for Flushing University. Come by to visit and rip me apart there!!! :D

I agree that hitting comes in spurts but once again, the Mets are leaving a ton of guys on base and that's unacceptable. Even if they have to lose, there is no way the team should leave to men in scoring position with one out or less. Against the Nationals. I don't care if they have to lose. They need to score those runs.