Thursday, April 12, 2007

Offense, Schmoffense

I didn’t go to the game tonight. Short story long, Mr. Coop is a big pussy and I just didn’t want to deal with going out to Shea all by my lonesome on such a crap night. So I got a pedicure, ordered some Indian food (second night in a row), and watched the game. I missed a good, but I got about 70+ more of these bad boys to go to, not to mention the road trips I am going on (BTW - Toasty – Chicago is all set, we’ll be there Friday, August 3).

But instead of going through the game highlights, I wanted to do some analysis, which I don’t really do. But don’t worry – I’m not a stat head, so I clearly have no clue what I’m talking about. But anyway…

So I read something interesting – After the Oh Pea massacre, the reporters were hounding everyone from Soul Glo Peterson to Paul LoDuca on their take on Ollie’s night. Soul Glo basically asked where these guys were when he had his stellar outing versus the Braves the other night (priceless).

But then PLD says something to the effect of “We’re not swinging the bats.” You can even read it here (hat tip to Cerrone’s Metsblog for the link).

But then I started thinking – weren’t we just absolutely killing the ball a few days ago? According to my calculations (which are probably wrong, so someone double check me if you feel like it), we are outscoring our opponents 54-24 in the first nine games. Holy mackaral! But of course, there are three losses in there somewhere, plus three lopsided wins, so of course this is not indicative of what to expect.

But then I’m like – well if Paulie Lo says they’re not swinging the bats, maybe it’s because they are doing a horrible job with RISP? That has to be it. Because I’m not too-too concerned with how the batting averages are laying out. OK so far for everyday players, here are the batting averages (basically the only thing I understand) from highest to lowest:

LoDuca .333
Reyes .333
Green (?!?!) .323
Beltran .310
Alou .290
Wright .281
Delgado .242
Valentin .172

So what’s the problem here? Well, at a glance, I can see the usual suspects – Reyes and LoDuca are up there as expected, but then look at Green. I think we can all agree we can’t expect this kind of production from here all year, but this is a small sample set, so it’s definitely misleading.
Like, with Sugar Pants for example. Wright is getting off to a slow start but with each at-bat, he appears to get more comfortable, especially with keeping his hit streak alive tonight with a triple. Nice.

Delgado I remember got off to a slow start last year, so I’m not set to throw him under a bus just yet. I know there is a masher in there, he just may be sleep deprived with his new baby.
Alou had a nice night tonight. I was not one of those people against the Alou signing. I think in time, he will be strong. But I also don’t think we can expect a full-year’s production out of him. After all, he is old.

So the odd-man out here is Valentin. Now I love the man, the myth, the stache as much as anyone does, but come on. The dude was a fluke last year, and he’s not going to be the Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh man this year. So his replacement tonight was Damion Sl-Easley. Whew-ee, that leaves me quaking in my shorts. I mean, I guess he could have done a lot worse tonight – three AB’s, one BB, and fourLOBs. OK, maybe not so good. He’s still batting a big ol’ goose egg.

OK, I guess my point is – the hitters are doing as well as can be expected, but the bottom of the order, although if you take it at face value, it’s not all too bad, but does not exactly scare the bejeezus out of pitchers. I mean, when Tom Glavine gets more respect out of the defense, that’s not a good thing.

My solution? Well, um, I don’t have one yet. The one thing I think we in the blogging community can agree upon is that Omar did not do enough to strengthen our spot at 2B in the offseason. Plus, we got older with bringing in Moises. Again, I’m not concerned about him, I think he’s pretty good and can produce. Plus, it’s just a one-year contract. Don’t sweat it.

My first suggestion would be – well, it’s more of a question. Where the fuck is Rick Down in this mess? People jump all over Soul Glo when the pitching is not up to par (see: Ollie article in NYT), but when Sugar Pants is not comfortable at the plate, when Jose Reyes was impatient a few years back – why wasn’t Down’s name mentioned? Why does he get off the hook for stuff like this? Isn’t this his forte?

Another suggestion is that with Julio Franco, Takin it Sleasley and Stash taking up roster spaces, it leaves little room for guys like Road Warrior Stings (who left for NOLA tonight to make room for Pelf), Ben Johnson (who I think can be really good), or like an Andy Hernandy (yes, I know he’s not the offensive heavyweight, but he’s got a very small sample set and can provide the defense Stash does anyway and is like half his age).

Omar has backed himself into a corner with these geriatrics, and does not allow for the young guys to showcase their stuff to be everyday contributors or at the very least net us a return in a trade.

I know it’s only eight games into the season though, I can’t get too worked up about it. Since as Ron Darling commented today, cold weather can impact the sample. The ball doesn’t travel as far or something like that. I also can’t complain because the Mets won tonight. Sweet. But ya know, just something to think about.

No luck on Friday the 13th? I’ll say – you know how friggin cold it’s gonna be?

Off-topic! So Imus got fired. Big whoop. This dude has been so irrelevant anyway and his material is outdated. Yes, I know of his comments and think they are reprehensible. But come on, no one can legislate being an asshole.

I saw Pelf’s first game last year – and will be seeing his first game in 2007. He has a good uniform number too – 34. 3+4=7, 7 is a good number.

See you tomorrow!!! Maybe pics from the game will be posted if you are all good soldiers. Peace.


Mike said...

You make sense what you say about Stache & 2B. He is old, he won't hit 270/330/470 or whatever again this year. But . . .

a. He got off to a very slow start last year (2-22 or something) and didn't get it going til they went to his old haunt, Milwaukee,

b. He's a very streaky hitter, sometimes you have to wait for the streak. As long as draws his walks, the power will come in bursts,

c. He's a superior defensive player at this point. With the rest of the Met O I'm fine with a solid glove at 2B if he hits 240/300/400, which I think he will.

I love A Hern's range & quickness, but I'm not sure he CAN hit as "well" as Stache, and does he have the glove & DP ability that the Old Man has?

BookieD said...

Mr. Coop has a point. No human being should have to sit outside in this kind of cold to watch baseball. I'm with Ron about the poor prodiction with RISP. Our group is more accustomed to more "tropical" temperatures, and I can't believe any of them are comfortable in this freeze. Did you see Beltran last night with that ski mask on? He looked like he was about to cry (though that may have been because Moyer was making him look silly all night). Reyes, of course, was his usual chipper self.

Please don't bring up the trip to Chicago. I have to miss the trip this year, due to a wedding. It was an awesome road trip last year. Make sure you get to Friday's game. There's nothing like a Friday afternoon in the Wrigley Bleachers.

What was the final decision on the nickname for Pelfrey? Something tounge-related?

MG said...

It's really, really cold out there, and they're not wearing what they need to be to keep warm, because that would impede them from being able to play. The cold taxes your reflexes, does things to your muscles, it's not like they're running a marathon and constantly moving. They're standing around and then having to provide speed and power in bursts. No matter how conditioned they are, conditioning for cold weather sports is different.

at least that's what i'm going to tell myself.

Toasty Joe said...

Coop - are you getting bleacher seats? That's where we'll be, although we haven't booked anythint yet.

George said...

I think Omar needs to have a talk with the folks down in Tampa Bay to see if he can pry Jorge Cantu loose. They have completely soured on him, so he might be able to get Cantu cheap. He's not much of a fielder, but he bats righthanded, so would be a good platoon mate with Valentin, who would be the lefty-swinging, good-fielding part of the secondbase package. Cantu did hit .286/.311/.497 two seasons ago and is only 25. So he helps with the age issue, the lefthandedness issue, and adds a Jorge to the team, too.

Sassdawg. said...

Ok, Maria the Analyst here at work has been pestering people quite persistently over getting people to donate to her for March of Dimes. I offered to help her out by offering a free ticket to this evenings game accompanied by yours truly for the first $10 donation to the cause.

the website is:

Itsmetsforme said...

where's the love for stash?

Stash is some smooth leather; he's made some tough plays look easy, and also some key hits too. I don't think you're given away much by parking k-ayhern out there. Plus, I love to see him smile.

And tonight, time time father time was on our side as Franco-stein came through in the clutch baby.

Itsmetsforme said...

by NOT parking k-ayhern,i should say. got caught up in the nickname moment.

what's your favorite indian food dish? i dont like it in general, but maybe im ordering the wrong food.