Friday, April 06, 2007

Off-Day Rambles

I hate that during the beginning of the season there are so many off-days in between so many "critical" games (and by "critical," I mean days off between the season opener and the second game. Hey, a gal has to get her fix, right?). But I was glad to get my fix in other ways, like Yankee-hating, seeing Dice-K's performance and one for the Mets nostalgians.

So Andy Pettitte had his first game back as a Yankee. Whoop-a-dee-doo! Seriously, don't you love it when the Yankee homer announcers make a big stink about the Mets' rotation, yet they truly believe they will recapture the glory days of the late 90s by bringing back a guy who should have retired gracefully last year? And don't get me started on Fat Boy Clemens. I hate that fat bastard, and not just from his beaning of Mike Piazza. My friend Paulie Vee, big Yankees fan, is the first one drinking the Clemens Kool-Aid, "We're gonna have Clemens back for Octobuh." I'm thinking - how the Sox are more competitive now, and you can't shake a stick at the Blue Jays, and hell, the DEVIL RAYS are beating you with their broke-ass bullpen and young players...OK I know it's only April, but it will still fun to watch.

Speaking from "The It's April Department," if you look at the back cover of the Daily News today, the title is "Cold Turkeys." OK that was pretty funny. But here are some of the esteemed bullet points from this fine publication: A-Rod Fails in Clutch! Jeter Makes Two Errors! Andy's Return So-So! Jason Giambi Looks Like the "Bug" From "Men In Black!" (OK, that last one might be mine). But don't you think it's funny that the Daily News are ready to throw in the towel for the Skanks now?

Oh and apparently some mathemagician has predicted the Yankees to win 110 games this year. Since when are they back in 1996 form? You have to be f'ing kidding me. Steinbrenner probably paid the guy to say that.

In other news, Dice-K apparently was everything the fantasy we all thought him to be. Or are we making a little more of this than we should??? I mean, he *did* face the Kansas city Royals...How much of a sample set is that going to provide us with how he will perform this season? Striking out 10 is impressive...Against the KC Royals though? Call me when he does that against the Yanks or some other larger market team.

Last but certainly not least, Mike Piazza delivers his first HR as a DH for the A's (enough letters for you?). I think most of us Mets fans want to see him succeed, and I was a pretty vocal advocate for him going to the AL after he left the Mets. I hope he does long as he doesn't have a repeat performance of August 9 last year when the A's come to town...

The Mets might not have played, but there was plenty of baseball abounding for us junkies yesterday. Oh yeah and the Mets are still undefeated. But it's still only April. Drat.

Speaking of undefeated, the Mets currently are tied for the best record in baseball with the Twins, the Braves, and the Pirates (???). Since we are playing the Braves this weekend, I would gather to say this is why teams cannot go undefeated all season, since one of these teams will eventually have to lose. I'd also like to point out that the "team to beat" (according to Jimmy Rollins) is "defeated." But don't worry guys. It's still only April. *snicker*

That said, let's see the Mets take all three from these bastards. Especially since Oh Pea is pitching tonight!!! Incidentally, my favorite writer and yours, Ken Rosenthal, is ready to hoist the NL East banner for the Braves this year . Unbelievable. These guys are older and more broke-ass than us.
Provind that money can't buy common sense, the Cubs lost a tough one to the Reds last night.
I still have them as my NL Central winners this year though in my baseball pool. I just don't see anyone running away with it there.
Lastly, my friend and yours Ed in Westchester is a contributor for a great website called "Flushing University." If you haven't checked it out already, definitely do, it's a must-read for any Mets fan. Anyway, Ed regales us with the state of the Mets pitching, which I believe most of us feel. As I told the CBS radio guy at Blondie's the other night, give me a pitching staff without Justin Verlander and Johan Santana on it that aren't flawed. Yet the Mets get it in the ass. Whatever.
TONIGHT! The moment the Coop has been waiting for since October. Oh Pea versus Redman, 7:35 pm start.



mr. met said...

Dear The Coop,

Shouldn't 'the Coop' be capitalized?

That Yankee game is an instant classic. I could watch that all day. 110 wins in the AL East? Even the Rays are pesky and the Orioles will probably have a better staff than the Yankees. That also does not factor in the Red Sox swellicious rotation and the Blue Jays being a very solid club.

I love it...really I do. The Mets have rotation issues that will keep them out of the playoffs despite having an offense that is far and away the best in the NL and a bullpen that will be one of the best.

Conversely, the Yankees rotation issues will allow them to win 110 because they have an offense that is far and away better than any in the AL and a bullpen that is vastly improved for them over their last seasons, but not as good as the Mets bullpen.

Fucking makes sense to me? Who wants a drink?

BookieD said...

I do agree that with the Rays, Jays and Sox all improved in the division, not to mention all the decent-very good teams in the AL, 110 games is a tall order for any club, let alone one with the Yankees' suspect arms.

On the other hand, who even cares anymore about the Yankees? It has become a non-story. Let them and their fans enjoy a joyless six month regular season that is ultimately doomed to end badly in the postseason and, thus be deemed a "failure". We're having too much fun over here to even notice!

mr. met said...

110 games is just nuts. 7 teams won 110 or more games and is this Yankee team good enough? I don't see how anyone could be dumb enough to even suggest that. A rotation of Pavano, Pettite, Wang, Igawa, and Mussina is not going to get it done no matter how many runs they score.

Laughable....but Bookied, you had the quote of the year.

It has become a non-story. Let them and their fans enjoy a joyless six month regular season that is ultimately doomed to end badly in the postseason and, thus be deemed a "failure". We're having too much fun over here to even notice!

BlondiesJake said...

That Yankees team is going to implode before the season ends. If they struggle, look for Steinbrenner to finally fire Torre, A-Rod to be caught crying in the dugout during a game with the Royals, and Pettite to be arrested for stalking Clemens!

Mike said...

Helluva game for DiceK. Too bad it came against an AA team. Or are the Royals A?

Pettite did about as well last night as I thought he'd do.

And tonight . . . let it be OPea, baby! Let's go Ollie.

Ed in Westchester said...

Thanks for the shout out Coop.

Let's Go O Pea!

Coop said...

Ed, I might be joining you over at F-U. Details to come! :D

Sassdawg. said...

ollie ollie ollie oy oy oy

Sassdawg. said...

does all of the competition in the NL look that crappy compared to the rotation???? Ollie looks bitchin.

Sassdawg. said...

can the braves buy a run. god what a bloodbath, 12 batters in the inning. I realize I'm probably old enough to be her dad, but does anybody want to make bets that Red Ass is pokin Amanda from the Mets Kids Clubhouse