Saturday, April 21, 2007

No, my first name aint "Baby," it's Ollie...Senor Sabor if ya NASTY

##Oh Ollie, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways...##

In case you didn't see it today, Oh Pea was balls on this whole game. 9 Ks, goose eggs for BBs. I mean the kid was throwing STRIKES. I wish I took note of the ratio before he left the game, but I know he left the game with 98 pitches, and had only like 30 balls, rest strikes. AMAZING.

Throw in a little salsa action from Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran, and a little help from Damion Sleasley and Carlos Delgado, the Mets have themselves a win.

I think my favorite part of the game was when Oh Pea was taken out. No, not because I wanted him out. But he did something only Senor Sabor could do -- he did his patented leap over the first base line...then tipped his cap to the cheering crowd. Reminded me of Turk Wendell and how he would fire up the crowd with his rosin bag and his little quirks.

I'm telling you, big things are going to happen for this kid.

Now I know after his last outing, I was expecting a lot of abuse on his performance and I was very apologetic. But I think I've come up with a happy medium here. I will give him a span of eight games to give us more performances like today and not like last week vs. the Phils.

That should give us a sample set for us to make an informed judgment.

Deal? Deal.

What a glorious day for baseball!

Hey Toasty - I think you have your "Fucktard of the Week" right here.

Let's get the rubber game tomorrow. I will be back with the Happy RECoop tomorrow.



Mike said...

Sweet performance by Ollie.

Throwing. Strikes.

Toasty Joe said...

INteresting choice, but too late. I gave the award to Joe Suckowski.

Coop said...

I saw that Toasty - I knew it was late, but I think this dude deserves an honorable mention.