Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The MSF/BMF Tattoo Pledge of 2007

So I’m not sure if many of you know, but I currently am inked with six tattoos. Mr. Coop has me beat by just one more.

Last season, I made a pact with my head about getting a Mets logo tattoo on my foot…IF the Mets won the World Series. I kept it to myself until after the season.

As many of you have seen, our friend Brooklyn Met Fan has a Mets tattoo gallery. When he was profiling it one day, all the guys were like – man, the women around here must not understand. I said – au contraire! Not only do I think it’s cool, but I plan on getting one myself. Who’s wit’ me, as my friend Woodside Frank used to say.

So the pact is this – I (state your name) will get a Mets logo tattoo of choice – including the NY logo, the Mets uniform logo, or something snazzy of my own choice. This will be done no later than December 31, 2007, IF the New York Mets are indeed the World Champions of 2007.

We already have Coop, Mr. Coop, Sassdawg, Mr. E (Coop’s Dad), Matt the Met Fan…who else wants to make the pledge?

I have some tattoo parlors we can go to. Oh and don’t worry, no blame or harm in not wanting to get one. It’s all good.

So it’s the Cardinals ring ceremony tonight. Whoop-a- de-doo! What would be more fitting is if the Mets once again wiped their asses with the Cards. Although I don’t condone animal abuse.

Anyway game is 8:05 pm tonight, Duque vs. Kip Wells. Now that sounds like a guy who was given LOTS of wedgies in high school.

See ya later.


Sassdawg. said...

I'm leaning towards getting Mr Met.

Toasty Joe said...

Do rub-on tatoos count?

Sassdawg. said...
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Mike said...

If the Mets go 141-21 or better and then sweep all 11 post-season games, I'll get a picture of OPea tattoed on my face.

And Omar's name in an even more sensitive location.

metsgrrl said...

I have four.
I have a promise of what I'll get when I get my first book contract.
I would consider a general baseball-themed tattoo, because I have this thing about not getting tattoos of band logos, which would parallel to team-specific imagery.
but baseball in general, i could see, someday.

metsgrrl said...

dig today's AP photo of OP:

Itsmetsforme said...

if the mets win the world series, i'll raise the ante--i'll get a tattoo of itsmetsforme on my face.

i'm ascared of needles.

Coop said...

Toasty, yes rub-ons do count. It means you joined in the "spirit" of us getting inked!

Coop said...

Sass - chas is getting the old school 1962 Mr Met.

Coop said...

Mike, don't play, I might get OhPea tattooed on my butt!!! LOL

Coop said...

Metsgrrl, you are a woman after my own heart. I totally understand where you are coming from though -- for the longest time I thought it was cracker barrely to get a Mets logo. Until I saw a girl last year at a game with a very tasteful one. Then that started the wheels in motion.

Thank you for the link to Oh Pea. He was calling me in that pic LOL!!

Coop said...

itsmetsforme, i'll get a mets nickname tattooed somewhere - like Chan "I Wanna be a" Ho park!

mr. met said...

What's really funny is that I just responded to you on my site with exactly with metsgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllll said. I'm vehemently against band and team tattoos. But whatever floats your boat. I do plenty of unsavory things that little baby jesus and many people probably would disagree with. So who am I to talk?

Sassdawg. said...

have I mentioned that I love elvis aaron heilman, just got albert puhole out!!!!