Thursday, April 05, 2007

Looper Blows!

And in other news, bear shits in woods.

To be honest, I thought Looper could have looked a lot WORSE and it was really the Cards BP that did them in. I guess time will tell how Looper fares as a starter. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t get to watch most of the game, so I can't make a pure judgment on him anyway. (I was in transit during most of it (damn it went quick!), and met a friend for dinner and drinks.)

I kept on checking the game on my way home. Seriously, I had to walk eight blocks and stopped in every bar that had a TV on. All I know is that Looper gave up one run and fell apart quickly thereafter. Typical, of what we know of him as a reliever.

The real story here though is John Maine. 7 innings. 1 hit. 0 runs.

Maine. Rock star. Nuff said.

This was also my first real look at Ambiorix “The AmBurglar” Burgos. Filthy dude. I gotta give props to Mike – you gave him a good name.

I liked how Aaron Sele made Pooholes look like a little leaguer with his strikeout.

The Mets outscored the Cardinals 20-2 this series. Let’s just look at that for a minute. 20-2 over three games. Versus the world champions. It was nice to see Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes get back to form. And what about Paul LoDuca. He was the man last night, as far as I was concerned. (Oh yeah, Shawn Green had an RBI too). All I can say's a little bittersweet to be "Takin Care of Business" now. All in all, I feel like we are exorcising some demons left over from 2006. Now let's kick some Brave and Phillie butt!

Happy Birthday, Matt the Met Fan! Hope you enjoyed your sweep!!

I am very pleased with how Willie “The Wonker” is handling the pen. Although it was pretty much a no-brainer tonight, I was thinking to myself, if AmBurglar or Sele are the least bit shaky, he will have no qualms taking them out. Just like the other night with Joe Smith’s butterfly incident.
So it appears as though Johnny Damon is a bit “sore” – I think he’s reporting a sore breached anus. Ironically enough, A-Rod is complaining of a sore groin. OH!
Off day today. Two days till Oh Pea’s first pitching experience! Yeah! Now if I can only find a Red Sox bar that will have the Dice K game on. I gotta see this dude for myself. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Mike from Metropolitans had the suggestion to drive to Connecticut. But I’m too old for that shit. There has to be some Sawx bars in Manhattan.


mr. met said...

Let's look at that more time for posterity....20-2. I just have two words about this team. Nice! (before anyone tells me that's one word, I know and back off).

I too missed the game due to dinner and too many drinks (I lost my cell phone for the second time in the span of 30 days) but I saw bits of the 6th and 7th. Craptastic. Maine is sick...two back to back seven inning efforts? Beltran TWO HOMERS! Reyes HOMER!

Really, you don't want to get excited about three games, but they came out and kick some arse when they needed to. The Cardinals celebreated the WS victory and the Mets were unfazed and planted them firmly into last place. This team looks siiiiiiiiick.


Mike from Metropolitans had the suggestion to drive to Connecticut. But I’m too old for that shit.

Coop, you are not too old for that shit. And yes there are sox bars in Manhattan.

Call some of these places.

Sassdawg. said...

Looks allright to me.

BookieD said...

Unless things have changed, you can always catch the Sawx at the Riviera Sports Bar on 7th Ave. & West 4th St.

It was a good night to have drinks and relax. Maine controlled the game from the start and then the Home Run Orgy began. By the time LOST came on, it was 7-0 and Mrs. Bookie had had enough.

BTW, Mike, last night's LOST was a Kate-centric episode, and Evangeline spent most of the show handcuffed to the gal who played Angelina Jolie's girlfriend in "Gia". Hopefully, you set your TiVo/DVR accordingly.

metsgrrl said...

TBF and I are going to head to Baltimore when the Sox are there to check out the Dice-K. Cheaper, and the bargain of getting to see Camden Yards too.

Mike said...

Johnny Maine.

(That's all.)

BlondiesJake said...

The Coop,

On the list of places to call in mr. met's post was Harrison's Tavern on the UWS. Having lived at Columbus Circle a few years, I can say firsthand it's a good one. Of course, if you're going up there, wy wouldn't you go to Blondies? (Shameless plug... tho I honestly don't get anything out of it except enjoyment... best sports bar I've ever been to in terms of sports, food, drink and great staff) You know they'll have the game on.

Nice notes and such the past couple of days... trying to keep up with you and BMF but my days are just stuffed. Keep up the great work and tell Mr The Coop he's a lucky man!

George said...


If you don't know Baseball Prospectus, their medhead guy Will Carroll, who has written extensively about pitching and even teaches the gyroball to high schoolers, has a really cool video piece up at on Matsuzaka. It's over on the right of this page in the video section.

Check it out.

Itsmetsforme said...


pardon my casual sexism, but if you hand cuff two attractive women together, and provide mud, there can only be one result. And Lost has now lost me. It's like putting them in pajamas and giving them a pillow. Sigh, the yummymommy had so much to teach kate in the ways of love...

mr. met said...

Bookied, I didn't see it yet. I'm going to watch it tonight and by the way itsmetsforme is describing things, I might need a box 'o tissues and plenty of lotion.

Shari said...

Coop-Loop-Hole does blow LOL

Coop said...

Thanks Shari - as always I can count on you for your commentary on Looper!!! :D

Coop said...

MG, have you not been to Camden Yards? I will warn you - when you go, you will realize what crap NY stadiums are for baseball. It's GORGEOUS. Just don't venture too far out of the Inner Harbor area...real scary stuff. You and TBF need to go to Fells Point for the drinking goodness. Great mystery bookstore in that area too. When do they play? I will be down in Balto City for the second weekend in June. Mr Coop and I were thinking of hitting a game later that weekend. Not even sure if the O's are playing that weekend.

Coop said...

George, thanks for stopping by. I haven't seen the video but I'll check it out.

Sassdawg. said...

dawg, I had the weirdest dream last night. my mail room guy was in it, one of my traders was in it, and I'm sitting there trading one afternoon and my mailroom guy comes and delivers me 5 interoffice envelopes, one was from mike piazza, but they all were from baseball players, and then I woke up. I was like no no no