Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Happy RECoop! 2007 Season Week One

Well, everyone, I've decided to include like a week-in-review type thing called the Happy RECoop, a play on my name of course, and a nod to Mr. Met himself, Bob Murphy.

This week is kinda easy, since it's the first week, hardly a sample set, but I feel as a Mets fan, has set the tone for the expectation of the season.

Some of the players to "set the trend" for the season would be of course, Jose Reyes and Oliver "Senor Sabor" Perez. Even Mike over at Metropolitans agrees that the most exciting players to watch this season would be those two.

Jose Jose Jose has absolutely been on fire. As one commenter suggested weeks ago, where Jose goes, the Mets will go too. Of course, this was during my firestorm of a column about players believing their own hype and old men rising to the occasion. But Jose set the tone for many games last year, and still does this year.

As for Senor Sabor, I just cannot help but be excited. Judging by how the Braves played Glavine, one of the most dominating pitchers of his time, Oh Pea rattled them to looking like Little Leaguers. Of course, the Mets totally preyed upon their weak-ish pen and starting pitching. But his line there was most impressive and of course, the big ol' goose egg for BBs! YEAH BABY!!!

The rest of the team is slowly but surely coming around. Carlos Delgado has yet to really kill the ball, but I am not concerned. YET. I remember last year, my dad and Uncle Gene were ready to cut the Dos Carloses after Opening Day because they weren't killing the ball. Relax. Delgado will be fine.

Some other things to glean from these two road series -

~ Aaron Heilman equally thrills me and scares me
~ Oh and...our bullpen fucking scares me. Except for Pedro Feliciano.
~ El Duque is still the fucking man
~ Is it me, or is Ramon Castro the best back-up catcher in baseball?
~ 4-2 is not a bad way to start off the baseball season
~ I am still stoked to see how John Maine will turn out
~ Did you realize that David Wright apparently has an 18-game hitting streak?

I don't really have more to say except it -- it will be sweet to be back HOME!!!

I am really tired from having to put my happy face on today. But I promise, the Happy RECoop will be a lot better in the upcoming season!!

Happy Opening Day-eve!!


Sassdawg. said...

Maybe there's an off chance that Mr Wright will read this, and maybe there's an off chance that he will hear our prayer, but there are many of us in the Flushing Family that would rather see David Wright have a .400 average and hit 20 homeruns than hit .265 and hit 45 homers. We love ya kid, just don't try and knock the cover off the ball everytime, having a game where you go 4-4 all of which are singles is fine. You struck out 3 times today, and granted, you are batting .300 which is nothing to scoff at, just kinda wish you weren't trying to jack the ball to Toledo every at bat of your I watch.

Mike said...

Thanks for the Happy ReCoop. Will we get Cooper's Corner later on?

I agree about the Pen: Schoeneweis is awful (as I expected), and Heilman was ok yesterday, he just ran into the buzzsaw part of the Braves lineup. Nonetheless, those are the guys he's gotta get out. Getting ahead of Chipper 0-2, then letting him work the count full was terrible. A good hitter like Chipper kills a 3-2 pitch . . . and he did yesterday.

The offering to Franceur caught too much plate for a free-swinger like that. The McCann hit I accept -- the Dude's a great hitter.

Anyhow . . . back to Shea. Let's beat the snot out Hamels today. And let's go Johnny Maine.