Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Goose Eggs

When lord, when?? When's gonna be my time????? - Ben Affleck in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Man, who out there was thinking -- TONIGHT is the going to THE night.

My first thought though was -- I was a little disappointed that a no-hitter would be pitched outside of Shea. But hey man, beggars can't be choosers, so I can't complain.

How great would that have been.

Alas, that will be saved for some other night.

And hopefully I will be in attendance.

But if you think about -- In two of John Maine's first three starts of the season, he pitched at least half way into the game giving up zero hits.

Folks, it's only a matter of time. This is the year, as Oprah. *THIS* is the year!!! I can feel it.

Hey it better - since we only have one and a half more years to go in our charmless dump.

I'm glad to see the bats woke up -- against Dontrelle Willis, who has always owned the Mets. We were talking in the forums at F-U today about Carlos Delgado and his lack of hitting, with fellow female professor debmc (of course, I blamed Rick Down...THAT'S A JOKE MIKE!!!). SO I was glad to see that everyone contributed tonight -- even Shawn Green.
Some quick tid bits:
~ From the "This-guy-is-a-sandwich-short" files, Charlie Manuel apparently challenged some talk radio host to a fight. Class all the way for the Phillies!

~ Mark Buehrle tosses no-hitter for White Sox tonight. Again I ask - when lord, when?? When's gonna be my time?!?!?

~ Visit Toasty Joe for good ol' fashioned Yankee bashing!

~ Hat tip to my buddy AFOMG at Y2K for the link to this story -- Mets in search of an identity. I think tonight was very telling -- they are going to be offensively strong once again, strike early and often...and rely on pitching more.

I mean, shit, if this is the year a no-hitter is finally pitched by a Met, it better be pitching reliant.

Smell yas later

PS Who's going to the games on Friday and Saturday
PPS Hey Bookie - I won't be there on Sunday anyway. So you and Mrs. Bookie have a good time!


Sassdawg. said...

Going both Friday and Saturday, Ham will not be joining us :( Pa Sass, his chicky, and the drunken Uncle will also be joining us for Saturday in the Park.

Regarding John Maine's shot at a No Hitter last night. First thing it's bad enough that Keith and Howie are talking about it like the Mets pitch one once a week, but then I have to explain to Ms Sassdawg. the importance of it. You see Ms Sassdawg. grew up in the Yukon, where alas more hockey than baseball is played. Having to explain that the Mets are one of the most storied pitching based franchises in the game, and having to explain that they've never had one is painful. Having to explain, that pitchers who have played for the Mets, leave the Mets have and go on to throw no hitters. And worst of all to still have her not comprehend.

HudsonValleyMetFan said...

Coop, I'll be at both Fri and Sat games.

Coop said...

HVMF - SassDawg, Mr Coop and I are in section 14. Just yell our names, we are all in the same general area. :D

BookieD said...

This No-Hitter thing has really taken on a life of its own. We are all now so f-ed up in the head, that we completely psych ourselves out each time a Met pitcher flirts with one. Am I the only person who practically every time he's watching a game thinks, "Damn. There goes the no-hitter" each ime an opposing player slaps the team's first hit? I know it's not even rational to think some of our guys can toss a no-no in every given situation, but this incredible streak of pitching failure makes you a little looney.

That all said, Bravo to Coop for her optomisim about this season being "the one". I certainly agree that we now at least have some guys who are capable of bringing one home (though, if I recall correctly, over the years, we've seen guys like Frank Tanana and Steve Trachel flirt with no-no's).

Sorry, I'll miss you guys on Friday & Saturday (and probably more sorry I didn't just buy Coop's tickets for Sunday). I'm sure I'll see you out at the Ballpark some day soon.

One more thing--Jose, Jose, Jose Jose! is ri-god-damn-diculous! The only thing missing last night was a stolen base, and don't tell me you didn't want to send him in the 8th inning up 9-2! If we had, I think Cabrera would have charged into the Met Dugout and raised hell.

mr. met said...

I hope this is the year...That would be great and hopefully I'll be watching it. When Glavine almost tossed one against the Rockies two years ago when Kit Pillow (sp?) broke it up, I was litterly getting flush and flustered like a nine year old girl. As for a no hitter, a Burnett-like no hitter with 7 walks from Ollie would not surprise me.

I'll be going saturday with a some girl way to attractive to hanging with the likes of me. Even better is that she comes from a Yankee family and she purchased Mets tickets for me! She's a keeper...I'll be in the loge somewheres....

Itsmetsforme said...

Charlie Manuel. Pedro would kick his ass if Charlie ever charged him ala don zimmer.