Sunday, April 01, 2007

Coop's Crystal Ball


After a long cold lonely winter, a luke-warm hot stove and a pretty uneventful spring, it's finally here folks. OPENING DAY (or Night).

Now, I’m not one to make predictions but…My psychic *did* tell me I have a certain sixth sense about things. Sometimes I might be a little off, but I surprised a lot of people back in 1999 – I said the number four would figure in prominently with the series. Of course, I saw it like – 4 games to win the series. The Mets will sweep!! Woo hoo! Well we all know that didn’t happen. BUT #4 – Robin “Ace” Ventura (allrighty then!) – hit a grand slam (4 runs). Most significant memorable moment that series. But I digress…

Being a blogger means you state your opinion. Well, my opinion is shit. So I’m going to throw some of that to the wall, and see if it sticks…

1.) The NL East pennant winner will be decided in the last week of the year

2.) The Mets will win 90 games this year

3.) Needless to say, the NL East will be VERY VERY TIGHT and whoever doesn’t win the pennant will win the WC

4.) ‘Stings “The Blade Runner” Milledge will be our starting RF come May

5.) I predicted something big in the off-season. Well that didn’t happen. Doesn’t mean Omar doesn’t have something up his sleeve. Therefore, I predict something BIG will be done by ASB. It will include a top o’ the line pitcher. It will not include Stings. Coop’s Crystal Ball says it might include a Notre Dame alum with the initials “AH”.

6.) Speaking of ASB, Tom “Glav-o-line” (like an oil name, get it?? Like it, Its Mets for me??) will win the big three-oh-oh by ASB. His name will then Kickin’ Ass, not Kickin’ Wing.

7.) Glav-o-line will also be the darkhouse candidate for the CY behind the unanimous winner, Oliver Perez (OK I’m just a little obsessed)

8.) No seriously, Oh Pea will have an outstanding year, proving Mike and Ed in Westchester wrong. Did you hear me?!?!? Wrong, baby, wrong!!!! Yeeeeeaaaaahh.

9.) Our pitching staff will be held down by the bellweathers Johnny “Remember The” Maine and OPP (thanks Bookie-D). Our BP will be anchored by the AmBurglar and young Joe Smith, helping us quickly forget Dirty Sanchez and ChadBrad. We will also be sick of hearing how great a starter Aaron Heilman is for the Oakland A’s. OOOOPS did I say too much there??

10.) Pedro will come back but will not greatly impact the team. By the time he comes back, he will neither help the team or hurt the team significantly. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, you know.

That’s the big ten I guess. NOW LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!



Come to Blondies (79th between BWay and Amsterdam) for a Mets kick-off party tonight, commencing around 7:30 pm. As the song goes, bring your kiddies, bring your wife...guaranteed to have the time of your life!!!

Hosted by the always lovely, always talented, Brooklyn Met Fan.


Sassdawg. said...

call me nuts. but I thought that elvis aaron heilman was going to be pitching in a domed stadium come the trade deadline, in a place that is very cold. shea stadium will be drinking malta goya in celebration.

Mike said...

90 wins. I'm with ya there, obviously.

I think OPea will have a decent season, it's this "outstanding" that's throwing me. The Cy Young??? (You CRAZY, girl. You crazy!)

And this Heilman hating won't stand, I tells ya. Remember, Seig Heilman is a sensitive sort. He doesn't need this lack o' love thing.

Ok, enough from me, I'm getting loopy and it's still 8:30 am. I have to make it almost another 12 hours. Jeez.

Sassdawg. said...

it's not really hating, I like elvis, he's a great asset to the pen, hell, I put him on my fantasy team. I just think that the opportunity to trade him for an impact player will negate the fact that he's a bit of a fan favorite. I honestly think that if minnesota is not in it at the trade deadline, johan santana will be available for the right price and that aaron heilman will be one of the pieces that will make that deal happen.

Sassdawg. said...

the way I would try to get it done is package heilman, green, alou and a whole shit load of cash for santana. endy and milledge become every day players

Sassdawg. said...

oh and one last thing, I also think that the nl east will be decided much earlier than coop thinks, I think that jaime moyer's arm will fall off and the phills will have to pitch jon 'i can't pitch in new york' leiber every 5th day.

Mike said...

heilman, green, alou and a whole shit load of cash for santana

I can see Heilman and the cash, but why would the Twins want over-the-hill, over-priced gar-bage like Gralou (or is it Aleen?)?

NO WAY the Mets get someone as good as King Johan without including Milledge. No chance.

Coop said...

Mike, as Sass says, I'm not hating on Heilman. I think he's decent enough, obviously, it always gets turned around that he wants to start. However, I don't think we'd get someone in the lines of Johan Santana without giving up half the team (think more Jose Reyes and Lastings Milledge plus some other scrubs and cash).

However, I agree with Sass on one thing - it might be a domed stadium up north, but like north of the border. Like a Halliday type for Heilman and maybe some other prospects. You know, the Jays might do something because they have crap management.

As for OH Pea, Mike, well you know - I just want to prove you and ed wrong :D

Coop said...

One more thing, and maybe this was something else I should have put in my crystal ball post. But I agree with Sass that Endy and Stings will be every day players. But you seem to forget a trade doesn't have to make that happen. For example, *knock wood* alou could be sore or hurt or whatever, and green just sucks ass. I think even Willie will have to go with his "gut" on that one.

Coop said...

Sass - hee hee, you made so many good points. The NL east - you seem to forget the Braves. They have a pretty good team and I still think the Phils will eke out some close ones here and there to make it interesting.

Sassdawg. said...

isn't santana going to be a free agent this coming hot stove. and isn't liriano going to be back next year, the mets get santana for a ml starter/reliever, a couple of over the hill dudes maybe a prospect thrown into the mix a contract extension, and woillah johann santana is our opening day starter at citi field.

Sassdawg. said...

I mean let's face it, the only way I would want to do a deal like this is if we wind up getting an impact pitcher a la santana, halladay, or a dontrelle. of the three I think that halladay is probably the most attainable followed by dontrelle. the stros resigned oswalt so he's not exactly available, possibly brad penny could be available...peavy is untouchable, los zambrano is untouchable...maybe if the cubs suck ass, ben sheets if the brew crew isn't as good as everybody expects, maybe mark prior if soulglo is looking for an ultra high end reclamation project. there are players who are going to be available

mr. met said...

The Coop gets a little silly with Oliver Perez sometimes, but there is NO pitching I look forward to watching more out of the Mets rotation. The dude has some serious stuff.

Sassdawg. said...

oh and steve phillips can suck my left maple nut. he's a douche

Sassdawg. said...

willie willie willie..god I hate the cardinals

Coop said...

Sass, Brad Penny sucks my left maple nut. I mean, he's decent but look at his stats from Shea. Somebody who puts up some pretty decent numbers sucks ass at a prime pitching park. Halliday like you say is most attainable.

Mike, i set the bar pretty high but like you said, it's time to appreciate the filthiness that is Oliver Perez. My boyfriend was going to take someone to the the game he's first scheduled to pitch at Shea to which I said - are you insane?!?!? If anyone is going to see Oh Pea pitch at Shea, it's moi!

Itsmetsforme said...

Happy Opening Day!

Glav-o-line. I gets it! You're getting the hang of it, now if only I could get the hang of blogger.

I predict Poopeyface Heilman will have even worse parking problems at shea, blow a gasket, get all disgruntled, and then
will be moved for Mark Prior, my all-time favorite injured pitcher (guys he's just like K*zmir I tell ya).

As for tonight, I say they don't wake Alou up from his nap, and let Milledge do you know what to the village.

Wish I could be at your party, not least because I have some fancy Mets gear and a new Tom Seaver shirt I'm dying to show off. But in LA, I get to start watching the game at 5PM! Suckas! Don't worry, I won't spoil it for the resta yas!

Let's take it to Tony Larasshat and the Looper Flying Rats!

BlondiesJake said...

The Coop, interesting predictions. I wouldn't doubt a blockbuster deal, but don't see the Twins letting Santana get away, and Toronto should compete this year and has spent plenty of money the past couple of offseasons, so why would they dump Halladay? Rich Harden could be the guy to get should Oakland stumble, or perhaps John Lackey from the Angels.

You would be entertained to know my Mom just sent me an article from USA Weekend listing the Best Baseball Movies Ever, and three out of four on the panel picked Bull Durham, and the fourth picked Major League!

itsmetsforme, good to hear from other LA Mets fans, itsmetsforme. I just moved west last year and went to all the regular season Mets/Dodgers games and the postseason clincher as well. Chavez Latrine is a cool place to watch a game, but the fans have a serious anti-NY complex.

Sassdawg. said...

ok so coop, mr coop, bmf, toasty joe, and I are out at blondies. Great time right now, glavine's on lo duca's up 1 out and it looks like we've got em right where we want em

Coop said...