Friday, April 13, 2007

Baby, It's COOOOOLLLLLD Outside!

Holy mackaral! First, I just want to say that this game rivaled the Tom Glavine massacre on Opening Day 2003, weather-wise. I thought Mr. Coop and cousin Sass Dawg would be the only people in the stands, but of course appearances by the great Metsgrrl herself -- we both agreed...when it's warmer out...*that* will be the time to socialize. Not tonight, however. I was nice and warm in my layers, but we had out Bank of America freebie Mets blanket rockin out.

I was also surprised that with the number of people coming in -- my cousin was not able to dump his other ticket. He was screaming "Ticket for Five bucks!" Till finally, he says - "I'll *give* you five bucks if you take my ticket." Of course, some guy took him up on the offer. I was laughing all the way to the Diamond Club entrance.

Now let me preface the highlights of the game by saying this was another curious outing for Willie the Wonker. I felt kinda bad for Pelf. Here was his first game back, it's ice cold, and Enrico Pallazzo is calling the game. It was tough, even against the Nationals. But anyway, is it me, or when he has to bat there in the bottom of the 5th, do you send a PH up there...when there are two men on base with 2 a close game...only to have him cause the 3rd out...and THEN get taken out in the top of the 6th anyway?

Of course, later on, I start heckling Willie - why-oh-why is Julio Franco there? WHY!?!? Well, yeah, he shut me up soon after.

But again, Willie is let off the hook, and we sit here and ponder...what if?

Well, I'll take the win. As my cousin said at the end -- Lets go Mets? Lets go HOME!!!!

Be back tomorrow.


Itsmetsforme said...

dammit i put all my comments on the last post.

Another reason to stay home and watch on TV; Ralph Kiner was on fire.

mr. met said...

Please tell me he really gave the ticket away and had to pay five bucks to the kind taker of the ticket.

Toasty Joe said...

Bookie D and I will be in the picnic area today. I'll be the one catching Delgado's 3-run opposite field blast in the first inning. You heard it here first.

Sassdawg. said...

I started counting out singles and the guy felt bad, so he told me to only give him $3, which I gladly obliged.

Sassdawg. said...

New suggestion for the song during the stretch. Meet the Mets complete with the forgotten 2nd verse.


Coop said...

Mike Met - I cannot tell a lie. It very much happened. Dawg, though, I didn't realize you only gave him $3. That's still some funny shit.

Mike said...

I'm just glad Scoeneweis recovered from his usual "throw nothing but balls" start to get some outs. Good D behind him, but no harm no foul for one night.

And Reyes is amazing. Just unbelievable.

mr. met said...

That is great stuff. The guy feeling bad and only taking three actually makes the story better.

Mike, Scottie S. will change your mind! I promise. Something happens to shitty relievers when they join the Mets. Magic? Perhaps. Peterson? Maybe. Willie? Fuck no. Guy Conti? A little bit.

Whatever the reasons, it happens.

MG said...

"oh, the butcher and the baker and the people in the street
Where do they go?
To meet the Mets!"

let's use THAT and dump sweet caroline. i have my 'no sweet caroline' logo up on my site now. it's pissing me off, the same way the line outside of olive garden in times square pisses me off.

Sassdawg. said...

God damn these god damn umpires. I think this guys cataracts are acting up. What the f.

Coop said...