Friday, March 30, 2007

Pelf-Help? Bats in the Pelfrey?

Sorry guys I'm just thinking out loud. See, my buddy and yours "Its Mets for Me" has created a Mets Nickname website and has enlisted yours truly in assisting.

So I've been thinking about nicknames for Mike Pelfrey, and just to call him "Pelf" doesn't seem to capture it. A Pelf-Help outing? Nahhh

Anyway, check it out and add your names. There are only a few players up now, but it's sure to grow.

So Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh!! That's what I'M talkin' 'bout! Not bad for a couple of scrubs and a decent outing by John Maine, whose line was over six inning, 5 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 5 SO,1 HR. Not bad, dude, not bad at all. The bats seemed to wake up (thanks Jobu) -- Ramon Castro led the mashing. But from the looks of the box score…I think our chants should be Lets Go Scrubs. Anyway…I’ll take it as I can.
Oh and if anyone is interested, my cousin SassDawg. (period, end of sentence) has some tickets available for Opening Day at Shea. Post a comment if you are interested in going!

Incidentally, I sell a bunch of tickets off my season plan too, so if you ever want to go to a game, I have two tickets in the mezzanine. Let me know.

I’m pretty uninspired today. I'll be back later.


mr. met said...

I did a nickname thing last year. Not sure if anything is useful, but I'll try and dig it up.

UNINSPIRED! The Coop, if you are feeling uninspired two days before the commencement of the best game every, wait until August!

Coop said...

Hey Mike, I think that's how you and I became "cyber buddies" ~*snicker*~, as sick as that sounds. I think we bonded over Soul Glo Peterson.

Don't worry, I'll have inspiration. don't you fret!

Mike said...

Pelfrey is 6'7", correct?

I think some play on his height may be the way to go.

HudsonValleyMetFan said...

Hey Coop, HVMF from BMF here - interested in those tix. Info? Price?

Sassdawg. said...


You looking for opening day? If you are the first person who emails me at with a time and a place for a "cash only" exchange will be going to opening day.


Sassdawg. said...

They're gone, jose jose jose from metsgeek is going.

BookieD said...

A few off the top of my head, all of which are pretty bad:

Based on sticking his tounge out:

"MJ", "Jordan", etc.
"Open Mike"
simply "The Tongue"

Based on his name:

"Pelf Gratification" (sounds more like a NY Post Back Page Headline)

"Pelf Bomber" (probably not a good one for your future ace)

"John" (after the ex-Kentucky hoops player--a name people have been calling him anyway)

mr. met said...

For Pelfrey, I'll stick with Mike "John Pelfrey" Pelfrey for the Nats announcer that butchered the future Cy Young award winners name. Shouldn't these things be right in front of their face?

Coop said...

Hey guys, check out "Its 'Coop' for me" when you get a chance!!

metsgrrl said...

burgos is weetabix in MG land. i can listen to them pronounce it all season and i'm still gonna fall back on weetabix.