Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Out of School and Ready to Devote My Attention to Oh Pea

So I decided to take some time off today (and tomorrow) due to school being over. I slept until 10, went tanning, and am now chilling with my kitties. Sweet. But I decide to look what time the game is tonight and lo and behold, Oh Pea is pitching tonight. Hell yeah bitches!!! And mad hugs go to MG for sending me the most "dreamy" picture of him from ST.

Which leads me to some rants about pitching. I was just over on Metsblog, and some d-bags (fill in the blank with your own choice of "D" words) are showing no love for the Mets once again. Some "experts" are even considering them third place material. While I don't think this season will be a cake walk (as I'm sure most of you would agree), I think it's much too early to discount them. Once again, pitching is considered to be the Achilles heel of the team, and by not getting Dice-K or Zito, the Mets suck.

Now, let's go back to last year (and being a typical fan, I bought this propaganda hook line and "stinker"), all these so-called experts were saying the Mets would be lucky to win the Wild Card, they'd never be able to beat the Braves, their pitching sucks, they gave up too much youth for LoDuca and Delgado, the Yankees are the better NY team, blah blah blah. Yet, the Mets were in first place from Day One (well, technically, like 4 days into the season but you get my drift), and didn't look back. And this was giving starts to the likes of Jose Lima "Time" and Alay "Let's teach this kid some control before he kills someone" Soler. And with our "ace" Pedro Martinez being out for basically the second half. And let's not mention who the "best" pitcher on the staff was on paper (I'm looking at you, Steve Trash-ball).

I guess my point is - I'm not discounting the rest of the NL East, but they hardly improved their pitching staffs either. I mean, seriously guys, does Brett Lyers, Freddy "I hurt my pretty arm already" Garcia and Cole "Nothing about my Facts is actually True" Hamels invoke the fear of whatever in you? The only thing that scares me about the Braves at this point is that their BP seems to be on a par with the Mets, but our team is a lot younger and hungrier.

Nah, they don't do that to me either.

But I think this season will be a HELL of a lot more interesting than last season. I mean, I don't think there was a day that I wasn't waiting for the other shoe to drop last season, even after they won the division and were in first place by a lot. But that comes from being a Mets fan. I think there will be more edge of the seat excitement and more pennant race games in September than last year. Who's with me!???!?!?


Mike said...

I'm with you, Coop. I don't think they'll win as many games as last year (partly because I don't count on a 29-14 record in one-run games), but I still see them winning the division.

Which segues to . . .

. . . getcher' ass over to my place and check out Part I (Hitting) of the Mets Season Preview.

(Now what's up with this "tanning" thing? Doesn't yer' man talk you out of it? That shit's not good for a lady's supple skin, you know?)

Coop said...

Mike, I'll be there or be square. As for tanning, I wear a slight sunscreen in the booths and when i go to the beach, I wear like a 30. I'm also 1/4 Italian so my skin doesn't really burn (I think that's more of a SPF thing though, when i was younger and surfer, I'd be burned all the time). Anyway, Mr coop encourages it and joins me sometimes :) Gotta get a base before going to FL this year

benny said...

Would it be kinda wierd and creepy if I was curious as to how that "dreamy" picture of Oliver Perez looks?
No? Ok good...

It's all good Coop, I can already tell that 2007 will be a season of domination once again, and the whole season will have us grinning and snickering at the stupid ass experts. It's all good, "Flavor of the Month" teams once again...

Only 5 more days till the ass whooping begins. I can't wait.

Coop said...

Benny, look no further than the side bar - hee hee

Mike said...

Whoa. Coop's got that O-Pea fever, and she's got it bad.

(Mr. Coop may have to fly the coop at this rate.)

Itsmetsforme said...

i agree about the pitching being better on paper.

though i will only rest easy when the stake is driven right through John (Satan) Smoltz's heart. And bring the good silver stake too.

Pitching staff's loss of depth is starting to worry me.