Monday, March 26, 2007

News Flash - Dirty to go under knife again

Hat tip to Metsblog for this - although other outlets are reporting it now. Dirty Duaner Sanchez is apparently going to go under the knife once again because of some torn ligaments.

I guess it makes sense what they are doing to Ho Park now. Just keeping ya posted...Cause the Coop says so!


Mike said...

Wow. That late-night Dominican food is a killer.

(Must be the adobo. Or is it the sofrito?)

Coop said...

Both, Mike. Good call - empanadas are pretty slammin too...Ooh, maybe I shouldn't have used "slammin" hee hee

benny the empenada lover said...

I absolutely <3 Empenadas

Itsmetsforme said...

dirty under the knife?

that blows.

b as in benitez
l as in larry
o as in orioles
w as in uh, w
s as in steve trashill

I hope poopyface is strappin his sack on, 'cause we're gonna need him.

Coop said...

IMFM - Steve Trashill is Trash-ball to me!!!

mr. met said...

It blows, but it's not the end! Keep your chins up. A deep bullpen is still deep without Duaner.

The real deal is that Pedro saw this coming a mile away.

Coop said...

Yeah how funny is that Mike. Pedro knows Diddley or whatever that shit was from the 80s.

Mets Grrl said...

coop - email me. i have a photo of OP just for you, from yesterday --

Coop said...

MG, cool. Will do

Mike said...

Don't sweat it, folks. The Rickster can heal Dirty's shoulder in 10 seconds.