Sunday, March 25, 2007

Coop's Seal of Approval Blogs

Let me preface this post by giving you the background of why I am a self-proclaimed "blog groupie." Back in 2004, I was really down about being a Mets fan. I'm sure that I am not alone in this feeling. Actually, I remember telling someone at a bar I was at watching game 7 of the ALCS in 2003 that I was a Mets fan by way of Brooklyn Dodgers. I was so disappointed in my team, but I still had a mini-plan and still went to games, yes, but I just started to ingratiate myself in local sports history. But 2004 was disappointment central. Besides fix-him-in-ten-minutes-gate, Kris Benson coming to the team and subsequently getting injured, Art Howe being a clueless old man, our then-"ace" Tom Glavine knocking his front teeth out in a taxi ride, it was just horrific being a Stems fan. If not for Omar putting on his cape and saving the day, who knows where I'd be. Yeah I'd still be a fan, but it would be painful.

I don't remember how I came across the blogs and the wonderfully witty people who comment on them, but I think someone directed me to a site (no longer existent) called "" This was a good website but became demised once Old Man Art was axed. But from there I found all of my wonderfully funny who-I-consider-to-be-"friends" who wrote their blogs -- the Metropolitans with Mike Met, Metsblog, Kranepool Society, FAFIF, Metstradamus and Take the 7 Train, and other non-Mets sites like Sons of Sam Horn (Red Sox site) and Yankee Despiser. I had no use for sports news anymore, I found myself getting my "crack" from these sites and found that not only was I getting the information I needed, I was getting a much-needed laugh from visiting these sites and the people who posted to them.

Not only that -- Something else interesting happened. My focus here at MSF is about the social aspect and escapism that baseball provides, with a Mets-centric view. I like to think that my prose here is reminiscent of discussions that happen in the stands. I think most people are surprised with some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth at sporting events. For example, at a hockey game, I once told a Devils fan to go back to the swamp, you piece of shit. In 2005, I once told a bunch of people I attended a game with as a group that Mike Piazza was ready for the "glue factory." Yes I am very opinionated, but I think most Mets fans are. And I think that blogs take the "voices from the stands" to another level -- and this is typified by all of you, fellow bloggers. All of you get two thumbs up from The Coop!!

So the other day, Sports Illustrated posts its "best Met blogs" and only four were nominated -- including Metsgeek, Cerrone's Metsblog, FAFIF, and Mikes Mets (which for reasons unknown, I have never visited).

While all of these are great in their own right, I think most of us frequent the blogs we frequent because of the unique perspective each fan provides. So in this light, I will go through why the Coop Seal of Approval Blogs do indeed get the Coop's seal of approval.

Ed's Blue Orange and Green Cafe - a former commenter and blog groupie himself, Ed provides a true hardened NY fan's experience and witty voice to his column. Especially noteworthy: his Wednesday weekly observations which encompass any kind of pop culture event to anything in the relevant sports media.

Eddie Kranepool's Society - Steve Keane, the author of this blog, is possibly one of the fucking funniest people I have ever read in my life. To me, he exemplifies the opinionated fan in the stands, questioning everything the management does and giving tough love to his team. This isn't updated daily, but frequent enough.

Brooklyn Met Fan - BMF calls this a "Fan site" where fans get his commentary on the state of affairs of his team, then some quick chewy and tasty nuggets to ponder. For any Mets fan, this is a must-read. The comments are ALWAYS bust-a-gut funny. Especially noteworthy: his sidebar items including the tattoo gallery and pet pics.

Faith & Fear in Flushing - I remember somebody saying once that FAFIF is a guide on how to feel and do as a Mets fan. I couldn't agree more. I think I shed a tear in Greg's Flashback Friday the day after Game 7, when instead of flashing back to 1986, he "flashed back" to 2006 from 2026, about how special the 2006 team was. I was heartsick, but Greg and Jason made me feel like this was something to smile about. This site captures the essence and the pure poetry that is baseball.

It's Mets for Me! - Possibly one of the biggest enigmas of the blog-o-sphere, IMFM provides a unique and funny perspective on the state of the Mets. IMFM's sister blogs are equally as funny, check it out.

The Metropolitans - Mike provides many perspectives from a sports fan, to hardened and battle weary Mets fan to "stat head." Mike's column is like a written Dave Letterman monologue, followed by items in the news. Frequent commenters like DG and Benny Blanco from da Bronx keep me coming back for more.

Metblog with Matt Cerrone - While he has not returned my several emails about me promoting his blog on MSF, I understand he has his hands full by being THE pre-eminent Mets news source out there. This is the go-to place for many Mets fans.

Metsgrrl! - Hey look! It's another woman who enjoys baseball for the sport of it, and not just for the cute butts in uniforms! (though I'm sure, she might agree that's a nice fringe benefit!) I can just imagine sitting in the stands, drinking a beer and sharing peanuts with my grrrl. Check her out.

Mets Guy in Mich - The Mets perspective from the midwest. Interesting, because back in the day, if you moved to a state outside of the tri-state area, you were pretty much screwed by coverage of your team in that area. I guess it's easier now, with MLBTV and satellite radio.

MetsGeek - Mets nuggets with a stats perspective. Conversations in the "rooms" during games can get quite eventful, almost like being in the stands or watching the game in a bar full of Mets fans.

Metstradamus - With all due respect to the other blogs I read, this is by far some of the funniest shit I have ever read in my life. His (usually) daily Hate Lists are legendary. His annual Hall of Hate columns and his famous post on 50 reasons to hate the Yankees are classics in their own right.

Take the 7 Train -- Mad props go to Shari (another female blogger) and Kevin on their news-focused and game-wrap-up piece, but for nailing the heart of what Met fans are. Shari's opinions make me look like Marie Osmond sometimes and I absolutely love her for it. She is also responsible for the term "Stinks on ice." Love her and love Kev. A lot.

The Jose Valentin Experience - YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH...Makes the Ground Round a fashionable place to eat and macking on some honeys in the hot tub a national pastime.

Easley Does It - Damian Easley is a new Met but has a good blog so far. Takes to heart that he looks sort of like Bernie Williams, but it's all good.

Yes Joe, It's Toasted - Toasty Joe is the fucking man. His Carlos Beltran Mole "facts" are hilarious as are his perspectives. The prototypical summer family member, who goes to lots of games, reports on the vibe at games and provides a real perspective from the fan base.

Willie's World - Hey, I can't write about blogs without the one that coined "Hell Yeah Bitches" and "Boo-Yah." For the longest time, I was convinced that Mike Met and / or Toasty Joe were responsible for this, but no one has taken responsibility for this yet. If you want to, please email me and I will keep your identity a secret there "Deep Throat." Hey, it might even be Willie, who knows.

Yankees 2000: Promote the Curse - Coop's boys Sippy Momo, Cheddar Ben and a Friend of Mr Glass encouraged her to blog and have some of the most heartfelt posts about Mets loving and Yankee hating. I also like their taste in music.

Milledge Facts - a must-read
The Scoreboards - a news site and Mets bulletin board. I've been quoted on there several times, regarding Oh Pea

Mike's Neighborhood - while not a Mets-centric blog, Mike is a witty Mets fan who remarks on pop culture events and sometimes rants about the political nature and economics of our country. I can identify with him too, since he says he's a lawyer who can't earn "bupkis" (love it) doing anything else. That's me with IB, too. Love the blog and love Mike!

American Defender - OK this is a political blog but my friend Jason writes it. He has been studying for the bar recently and it's dwindled but if I tell him to get cracking on it again he will.

So sorry this was so long-winded but I wanted to thank all of you, if you do read it, because it's the comments, the embracing of Mets fans and respect for other's opinions that encouraged me to start writing again. When I tell people I work in investment banking, and was an English major, they ask me how that happened. I usually say that I have no idea, but I wanted to be a sports writer originally. ^shrug^ It's weird how things happen, yes?

Be back tomorrow. IT'S MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! WOO HOO!!!


bernard white from el BRON said...

Don't feel bad about being a "blog groupie". I felt real old and geeky when Mike from the Metropolitans had that post recently about the Baseball Prospectus article asking if Pedro would make a big impact on the International signings, looking back now, Pedro DID make an impact and I wrote an email to BP, and I was 16 at the time. Jeezus...

I like BMF's pictures, he always manages to post nice pictures.

Metsgeek get s crazy sometimes.
And of course the Metropolitans is the bestest of all time.

Although I don't post, I think I visit all of the Mets blogs.
And Coop, even though its not a mets-centric blog, check out the site is incredibly funny and attacks really shitty journalism. Check out thier archives on David Eckstein and Darin Erstad, really funny stuff, I'm sure you'll enjoy, although some of thier responces might get a little stat-y for you.

Coop said...

Benny Bizzle from the Schnizzle - I did visit firjoemorgan and honestly, i don't remember what I visited them for but it was freaking hilarious. I think my neighbors at work must think I'm nuts. I remember once visiting Damus and one of his commenters was called Liberals Hate hockey and God and went on a rant about how Canadian liberals are anti-american and all this. First I was like - what does this have to do with baseball. But I hate Bill O Reilly and his rants on liberalism so i just started cracking up.

Toasty Joe said...

Coop - welcome aboard and thanks for the plug. Coop is the freaking MAN, er, woman.

BlondiesJake said...

The Coop,

Nice weekend blogs. How do you have the time to check out all those different sites? Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Jose likes you to, thats why he has added Clarisetta and Bobi Jo to his link list, an honor shared previously only by the Ground Round and his futile all star write in campaign.

Thats not why he talks about himself in the third person, however.

how does that rarified air taste?

keep on groomin'

Coop said...

Toasty - no YOU da man, and that's the problem ;-)

BJake - glad you like my rambles. I don't actually check these out daily. Some of them I check every other day, others I know are updated daily and actually get bent when they are not updated! All of these listed are considered Friends of Coop so its all good.

Jose, I feel like I have made it. Thanks baby - please!!

Mike said...

Thanks for the blog-love, Coop. Nice to see one of my 12 readers come out & admit it. Don't blame me if the authorities come-a-knocking.

With the season approaching, the Mets-centrism of '06 may return (depends how the boys do; I don't like posting when they lose).

Toasty Joe said...

By the way, Coop, you should edit this post to put in links to each of these fine sites.

Also, your link will be up on Toasted Joe shortly.

Toasty Joe said...

Oh wait, you did on on the sidebar. Duh. Ignore me.

mr. met said...

Two words...FUCK SCHOOL!

Glad to hear you are done with school. Maybe you can go to grad school for me now...or take my series 7 for me.

Toasty...whats up my goes things on the Upper East Side?

Ed in Westchester said...

Awww shucks Coop.