Thursday, March 29, 2007

Best Baseball Movie Ever

I guess until the regular season officially starts, things will be a little dry here on MSF. So I think around this time of the year, when Spring Training has given me enough of an appetizer, and I’m ready for the entrée (the regular season), I start to psych myself up by watching some good baseball movies. So last night, Mr. Coop and I watched Major League as we tried to figure out what games we are going to.

Some great quotes from this movie:
“Nice velocity.” “Sounded like it.”
“Let’s teach this kid some control before he kills someone.”
“Too high – too high” (in response to a Clue Haywood smash to South America)
“Too high?” “Too hard!” “Who gives a shit? It’s out of here!” “The trajectory of the ball…”
“Juuuuust a bit outside.”
“Ball four…ball eight…and Vaughn walks the bases loaded on twelve straight pitches.”
“Don’t give me this olé bullshit Dorn!”
“What league did you play in?” “California penal.” “Never heard of it…how’d you end up there?” “Stole a car.”
“What language is this in?” “French.” “They got chili dogs over there?”
“Come on, we need some defense here! Hey Johnny, maybe we should start one of them waves…” (Next scene: two guys going back and forth in a wave)
“Haywood is a convicted felon, isn’t he?” “Doesn’t say here.” “Well he should be!”
“Hats…hats, for bats. Keep bats warm. Gracias.”
“You no help me now, I say fuck you Jobu. I do it myself.”
“You man! You man!”
“Bring that shit to me man!”

During the playoffs, I almost bought a Jobu doll to change the vibe around Shea (And if anyone has any idea where I can get one, please let me know). I even spoke to some guys one night in the stands to get some Cleveland Indians jerseys with Vaughn -99 on them.
Other baseball movies that get the Coop Seal of Approval – Fever Pitch (sorry, Toasty!), Field of Dreams…and Naked Gun, the first one. Although it’s not centered around baseball entirely, key scenes occur during the Angles game. “Hey! That’s Enrico Pallazzo!” “Enri-co Palla-zzo! Enri-co Palla-zzo!” I saw that movie originally with my Dad back in 1988, and it’s one of our favorites. Needless to say, whenever there is a questionable call, we’ll say – HEY! That’s Enrico Pallazzo! Our buddy Mark noticed there was an opera singer before a Saturday game last year and called him Enrico Pallazzo. Now that got some good laughs in section 10.

If you haven’t seen it already, the Village Voice has a GREAT story on one Jose Bernabe Reyes (Not to be confused with Jose A. Reyes, the catcher).

I’m just thrilled that for once we have someone as exciting, young and with as much potential as Jo-Z does. I may have a weird obsession with Oh Pea, but my <3 belongs to Jose, Jose, Jose!

And from the “you’ve come a long way, baby” files, it appears as though the projected Yankee home opener pitcher is Carl Pavano. Repeat after me folks – CARL PAVANO.
And people think the METS have problems? Whatever.

Shameless plug alert: My friend and yours Brooklyn Met Fan is hosting a Mets Opening Night party at Blondie’s, @ 79th between B-Way and Amsterdam. Discount drinks all evening, and no cover! Hang out with other crazies like yourself. Name tags and markers will be available at the event for identification purposes. I’m sure I’ll plug this all weekend too, so if you don’t have plans Sunday evening, why not spend it with like-minded people? Yeah!


Ed in Westchester said...

My favorite quote frm Major League is "Shut up Dorn"
Mostly (OK, totally) because in my group of college friends was a guy with the last name Dorn. He liked to talk a lot, and say stupid things.
It is a great movie.
Fever Pitch, I will never EVER watch.

Mike said...

Where's Bull Durham, Coop???

Sassdawg. said...

On a complete side note, I have recently acquired some Opening Day Tickets. I would rather sell a pair at face value to a fellow fan than let them go on Stubhub to the faceless masses.

Let me know if you are interested

Toasty Joe said...

"You tryin' to say Jesus Christ can't hit a curve ball?!?"

BookieD said...

I was always parcial to "Nice Play, Hayes; don't ever f'in do it again" (after Willie makes the basket catch on Opening Day).

BlondiesJake said...

The Coop,

I don't mean to be harsh, but you lose credibility when you reference Fever Pitch. Like Ed from Westchester, I will never ever watch that movie. Not only did they steal the story from an english soccer film (I believe of the same title), but then they actually changed the ending because the Sox were going to win the WS, and Fallon and Barrymore were actually jumping around with the players on the field when Boston finally won. It was sickening.

Great job plugging BMF's party at Blondies, though, it makes up for your transgression :<)

Coop said...

Gosh, need I remind you guys that I'm a CHICK and I like movies like Fever Pitch? Remember what I said in my first post - i'm a lighter version of Ed and Brooklyn Met Fan. Whatever. :D

I also like "Shut Up Dorn." We say it all the time in our house.

Coop said...

Mike, would you believe I've never watched Bull Durham in its entirety? I was like 10 when it came out, it was a little over my head then.

Coop said...

And another thing! I'm surprised more of your don't at least *appreciate* Fever Pitch for all the Yankee hating in it.

Mike said...

You have to see it, no other way around that fact. You must.

As an (a) English major (b)baseball fan (c) woman, the fact that you haven't seen it is almost blasphemous. Annie Savoy is a great, great character, and the baseball stuff is good. Plus, Tim Robbins is hilarous.

mr. met said...

Fever Pitch a chicks movie? I thought it was a testosterone filled 1.5 hours.

The Natural holds a special place in my heart for baseball movies. Major League was good, but The Natural is tops. Sure, it might not have been funny, but it was fucking good.

I still didn't get my tickets yet either. Frankly, I'm not sure what these guys are trying to pull. Starting away or not, they should get your tickets to you loooooong before the season starts.